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One year since Afghanistan

It was one year ago today that I flew into Afghanistan. The following is a short piece I wrote that was published in The Utne Reader back in November. For those of you who haven’t read it, here it is. The first part is a brief summary about what we were doing over there. The next two sections are from one day in my journal. We were supposed to go back, but a lot has changed with The State Department over there in the last year so we didn’t make it. A lot has changed for me too. I’m married now, so jumping into a war torn country to try and spread good will through music might be a little more tricky these days. Anyway, enjoy. Continue reading

  • Diplomacy Through Music In Afghanistan

    A recent article on Peyton’s trip to Afghanistan in national online publication, Utne Magazine! Peyton Tochterman in Afghanistan

  • Tochterman’s music helped build common ground

    A recent article on Peyton’s trip to Afghanistan in the Charlottesville Daily Progress!


A New World Review in Vintage Guitar Magazine

Peyton Tochterman A NewWorld (Luna Sol Productions) The material varies in strength but Tochterman’s fingerpicked acoustic demands attention, showing as much backbone on lovely ballads like “Smile” as on the comedic “Always” with Sam Wilson’s electric as the perfect complement.