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New World CD Release in Charlottesville

Hello all.   First, a quick update.  Things have been going amazingly well in the past few months… We have a CD Release Concert on Friday, September 9th, 2011 at The Southern in Charlottesville, VA.Clink on this link to get tickets.  The show is already selling really well so get ‘em quick.  And for a limited time there is a pretty good ticket/CD deal and ticket/ CD/tee shirt deal.     The show is fixing to be pretty amazing as I will be joined by Darrell Muller, Brian Jones, Brian Chenault, and a host of other special guests to fill out the evening nicely.   My friend, and future star, Carl Anderson will be opening the show with a solo set.

Next, I have some exciting news.   I just signed a management deal with Ralph Jaccodine Management out of Boston.  I signed only weeks ago, so we are preparing for getting the record out to radio and getting me on the road to come play these songs for you in your hometown.   I will also be on the road with renowned singer/songwriter Ellis Paul ( for the next year and a half or so…  I have already been out to Oklahoma for the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival where I got the opportunity to play a solo set on one of their main stages. My set went extremely well and included a small dance number that I hadn’t prepared.  It’s a story I have to tell you in person.  Anyway, the crowd loved the set and I got my first standing ovation and encore request in Oklahoma (actually that was the first time I had ever been to Oklahoma so it’s not as exciting as it sounds).So that’s whats up with me.

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Sep 20
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