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Dutch Magazine Rootstime’s Review of “A New World”

In his body of work and recently released album “A New World”, Peyton Tochterman shares his inner feelings about his interpretation of the ultimate dream, we all have, live for and wish to create for ourselves. Peyton reminds his audience that live is all about ebbs and flows, and that pain, turmoil and sorrow is inevitable. Peyton conveys a clear and realistic (non utopian) message that life for each of us boils down to coping with coping and to be mindful to strive for conducting our lives with two feet on the ground.

In the mean time, nobody tells us to stop dreaming. It is not forbidden! It sets goals and objectives, it motivates us, it drives us, it challenges us to meet our potential and dictates us to conduct our lives diligently. ( Peyton some of us are wise, others are otherwise!) It is fair to assume that this Charlottesville based songwriter in America was inspired to provide his recently released album with the title “ A New World”.

In “Smile”, Peyton goes hard to work in a compassionate and convincing way trying to put a smile on the face of the girl of his dream, asking her to have faith with a look at the future with a “sunny-side up” mindset. This inspiring and reality based song writer makes his mark in the next song “Mortal Planet” where he underlines in a meaningful way another message “It’s a mortal planet, there’s no survivors here, if life don’t kill you, dyin’ surely will”

In his “Johnsburg” title song, we see and hear a Bruce Springsteen in Peyton where he produces a “Boss” traditional “road song” style production. Equally comparable Springsteen style harmonious tunes can be recognized in his musical and swinging track of “Red Angel” and “A New World” accompanied by the organ of Abe Wilson and the electrical guitar of the CD producer Sam Wilson.

Peyton Tochterman afterwards produces “Need Me Or Not” with his own vocal cords, followed by “Sure Thing” in duet with Stacey Earle, sister of Steve Earle an also known country western performer. At the end of this CD, we get to enjoy the intimate acoustic ballads “These Lives Eternal”, “Carolina Wind”, and the final song “Blue Eyes”

Peyton Tochterman has a demonstrable and longstanding musical past. As a lead member,
Peyton Tochterman continues to perform with the “Fair Weather Burns” and “High Society” groups. Whether he can make a break – through with his new CD, “A New World” as a solo performer remains an open question, but, with this said there are not enough high-quality and talented folk rockers with “New World” caliber.

(Written by Freddy Celis of Rootstime –

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Mar 29
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