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Peyton Tochterman releases new CD — The Daily Progress

By JEDD FERRIS | Daily Progress correspondent

On the upcoming album “A New World,” there’s strikingly obvious maturity in the songwriting of local troubadour Peyton Tochterman. Previous efforts saw Tochterman being a little more playful, when he fronted the bluegrass trio Fair Weather Bums or his cross-genre big band High Society, which featured Virginia trumpet hero John D’earth and skilled mandolin picker Andy Thacker.

The latest album has peeled back the layers and focused more on serious introspection. During recovery from debilitating neck surgery, Tochterman had plenty of time to think.

“The last couple years of my life have been challenging, and I wanted to write about it,” Tochterman says. “The album is personal, with no smoke and mirrors. Through writing the record, I have found a new way of looking at things.”

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Sep 21
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